Tuesday, January 26, 2016

If I can't be quarterback, I won't play!

So, Donald Trump thinks Megan Kelly "isn't fair!"

Not since I was 12 playing touch football in the vacant lot beside Mr. Martin's hardware store have I seen such a display of pique and immaturity.

When we chose up sides, Donny said he wouldn't play unless he could be quarterback. Danny was on our team and the best quarterback on the field. So Donny rended his clothing like a Biblical character, tearing his tee shirt in pieces before going home to sulk.

The rest of us had a good time playing touch football.

My grand-daughters worry overly about 'what's fair' but they aren't even 10 yet.

"Fair"and "not fair" are the most relative of terms. "Fair", most of the time, is when I get what I want! "Unfair" is when I don't. Well into my 6th decade, 'fair' just isn't a personal issue anymore. Hasn't been for most of those decades.

What grown-ups worry about is 'justice'--which has some standing in reality. "Fairness" is what each of us decides to say it is. Just us talkin'.

I hope the other Republicans just go ahead and have a good time Thursday night.

For Trump, the only worse thing he could do is show up when he said he wouldn't. And if he does, I give you my solemn word he won't apologize....

That would be too adult.

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