Sunday, January 3, 2016

With Friends like that....

Saudi Arabia, one of our few allies in the Mid-East (Interesting, isn't it how we think we're the center of the universe and label the other parts of the world from our perspective--'mid-east', 'far east', 'western Europe'--from their point of view, they're just were they are) beheaded 47 people yesterday around the country at the same time.

That an 'ally' of ours beheads people is awful enough, but that they do it in such a dramatic way is beyond comprehension.

Some of the people beheaded were not, as the Saudis claimed, 'terrorists'. They were just Shiites in a  Suni country--in fact, one of the more extreme forms of Sunis.

The whole Suni/Shiite thing is still a mystery to me. But, I suppose, 500 years ago Catholics and Protestants were killing each other over minor disagreements.

But we have to reconsider who our 'friends' are. Really.

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