Monday, January 18, 2016

Let's give Trump a break (did I write that???)

So, Donald Trump was speaking today at Liberty University, deep in Falwell country, and was quoting a passage from Second Corinthians.

II Corinthians  has a passage about the love of Christ giving 'liberty' and Trump was using it to sing the praises of the uber-Christian university named 'Liberty'.

Well, the Donald said, "Two Corinthians says...."

National news that he didn't say "Second Corinthians".

Give me a break. I've said "Two Corinthians" before.

It's incorrect, of course, but is it national news?

I think not, beloved.

In a perfect media world, the press would be following the debates on policy in the primaries. Instead, we get to hear over and over whatever the hell Trump is saying that day.

"Two Corinthians walk into a bar...."

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