Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tuesday mornings

Most Tuesday mornings I go over to St. Peter's Episcopal Church, a couple of blocks away to meet with 'the boys (and sometimes, Sandy)'.

There are never more than 7 of us. We have Eucharist and then coffee and talk.

We talk about politics and church (those two mostly), sometimes sports or movies or books, tell lame jokes and rehash stuff over and over.

I give Andy grief about the Creed and tedious liturgical practice and some times we wax almost eloquent about this or that.

We just show up and see what happens.

Everyone needs, it seems to me, a group like Tuesday morning group for me.

Just a place to say whatever you want and listen if you want to and settle the problems of the world and drink a little coffee.

A place with no real expectations or assumptions or requirements.

It can either be mostly meaningless with a magic moment in there or rather gripping with some blank spaces.

Just showing up is enough.

You might find a group like that--a place to just 'be' and be together and see what happens. It works for me. I keep going.....

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