Thursday, January 14, 2016

Hoping against hope

I whispered a little prayer awhile ago that something good in on TV tonight.

Why? you might ask.

So I won't be tempted to watch the Republican debate.

It will make me crazy if I do, but unless there is a really good option, I won't be able to help myself.

It's a bit like when I'm walking Bela and he smells some old poop. He knows I don't want him to go sniff it (much less take a bite of it! Dogs are nasty....) yet he can't help himself when it comes to poop.

It's like that for me and the Republican debates.

I know I shouldn't...I know it's not good for me...I know I'll scold myself for doing it...

But when it comes to poop (sorry, I mean the Republican debate!!!) I'm just like my dog, Bela.

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