Sunday, January 24, 2016

Snowy Sunday

Parts of West Virginia got 40+ inches, just in case you needed more evidence that the Mountain state is cursed!

Church was cancelled yesterday afternoon--and a good thing too--I couldn't have gotten out of our driveway in time to make it!

Josh and Cathy in Baltimore are snowed in, as are Mimi and Tim in Brooklyn. Connecticut didn't get that much--6 inches, I'd guess--but it's still a snowy Sunday with nothing to do but get ready for the NFL division championship games.

Walking the dog was an adventure since no one had yet cleared their sidewalks (we don't have a sidewalk on our side of the street--lucky us!) We walked down snow covered Cornwall Ave. The driveway to the Congregational Church parking lot had been cleared at some point before it stopped snowing...there were only 3 inches or so. A big truck had cut a path with it's wheels and Bela and I walked in those tracks.

Bern and Mark and Naomi (our neighbors) dug out the driveway. A young woman from across the street brought over her snow blower once she'd cleared her sidewalk. Everyone on Cornwall Avenue is brought together by snow more than any other thing. All out, shouting greetings, laughing about the 'white stuff', helping each other dig out.

It is bright and sunny now--about time for lunch. The temperature will be in the 40's most of the week here, so a lot will melt.

Snowy Sundays are the best....

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