Thursday, January 7, 2016

Picking Bela clean

Bela is a Puli dog with lots of hair--it is 'hair', not 'fur' because it keeps growing and has to be cut a lot.

His hair is black and curly and when he goes out he is a dead leaf magnet.

We have to pick him clean after every walk. Sometimes he has two handfuls of leaves in his hair.

He doesn't much like being picked clean--except when there are burrs, which he hates.

Don't ever get a Puli--they are a pain in so many ways.

But Bern loves this dog like nothing I've ever seen. We've had lots of pets, but this is the one she loves best--maybe because he is such a pain.

Who knows?

And since she loves him, so do I--pain that he is.....

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