Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The big chill

I'm setting here in a long sleeve pullover,  pullover sweater, sweat shirt and my bathrobe--for the first time today I feel warm. It's 10 pm on Wednesday, no matter what time the blog says it was when I wrote this!

Maybe all that warm weather didn't let our blood thicken up and suddenly 10 degrees feels like something closer to absolute zero.

Most of my life, I hated the cold. I grew up in an apartment without central heat and the coal stove in the living room would burn down about 3 am and I'd wake up to see my breath.

Used to be, people would ask me in August, 'hot enough for  you?' and I'd say, 'no way! bring on the heat and ratchet up that humidity too!'

Well, as I've aged, the heat doesn't suit me like it used to.

I've tried to convince myself that I now like the cold. Tonight convinces me otherwise....

I need a place to live where spring and fall are the only seasons--with one snowfall on Christmas day.

Any suggestions?

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