Wednesday, January 6, 2016

For once, Donald Trump was right

He said it in an odd way, but it was on target.

He said, "I'll probably lose 5 points in the polls, but I think Obama's tears were sincere."

At last, something The Donald has said that I can 'amen'.

He went on to say that though sincere, the President is wrong, wrong, wrong about gun control.

But for that brief moment we were on the same page.

Amazing to me.

He may be the greatest con-artist to ever run for elected office. But he is speaking to an anger and dissatisfaction of a great number of Republicans. It is that anger and dissatisfaction that worries me.

The American economy is the strongest in the world. Employment is back to a decade high. I, and many other middle-class Americans are in the best place we've ever been. Things are, in an odd way, good. I'm not sure why so many are so angry and dissatisfied.

The rich are too rich and the poor too poor--but Trump and the other Republicans aren't concerned with that. Welcome to the stranger is at a deplorable low in this country--but Trump and the other Republicans 'welcome' that.

But on this one thing we agree--Donald and I--the President's tears were sincere about those who have died from gun violence.

The President was clear that no one is going to take guns from Americans. I would, by the way, round them up--send the Marines house to house and collect them. But that's just me.

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