Friday, January 1, 2016


Cheshire should be in Alabama. There were no dried bBern lack-eyed peas in any of the three grocery stores in town. And black eyed peas are a key ingredient of Hoppin'John.

You don't know about Hoppin'John? Must be be a Yankee.

On New Year's Day you eat greens--kale or something else sauted--for 'money', blackeyed peas for luck and pork for happiness. We had our Hoppin'John but the Kale, marked "Kale" in the containers, was doubt. I'm going to tell Stop and Shop  tomorrow.

Canned black eyed peas aren't the same as dried, but Bern dressed them up with onions and bacon. And we had ham and black rice.

Rice is for health, I think.

Happy New Year. Hope you had your Hoppin'John.....

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