Saturday, October 27, 2018

D.C. (2nd day)

Loyal or not, I didn't make it back to Mystic for the second day of Diocesan Convention.

Wednesday, I got out of the car and reached back in for something and felt a twinge in my back like nothing I've felt before.

l whined and complained. I've never had back pain and now realize I haven't been nearly as compassionate enough toward those who do!

Back pain is a real pain in the neck--or worse than that. There's not much anyway to move without hurting. But I gritted my teeth and got on with life.

Then this morning I woke up and didn't think I could get out of bed for the back pain.

So, I waited until the Urgent Care place nearby opened.

The good news is, the doctor is sure it isn't permanent or serious damage. No need for an X ray--just muscular and should get better.

Driving 3 hours yesterday probably didn't help, so I asked him if I should go to Mystic today and he said not to do it.

A doctor's excuse!!!

I took an Alieve  and that helped some. I usually don't take pain killers. My blood is so thin that aspirin makes me bruise and doesn't like my stomach.

All will be fine, I'm sure and probably sooner rather than later.

So I missed the second day of Convention on doctor's orders.

Well, "missed" sounds like it was hard on me. I just didn't go.

I'm sure it went as well as it would had I been there.

And I did better than I would had I been there.

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