Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Ten sleeps

That's the way we told Josh and Mimi, when they were young, when something was going to happen.

"Five sleeps," we say, "and then we're going to grandma's house"...or to the beach...on until the birthday party.

Bridget (Annie's new name since she really didn't react to 'Annie' except by lowering her head like something bad was coming) has been with us ten sleeps.

She is remarkably sweet and quiet and good. She is beginning to seek us out when we're not with her. At first she was on a couch or the bed until we came and got her. She's obviously used to 'being alone'. Now she comes looking and gets some loving and then goes back upstairs. When either of us is up in the TV room, she's there.

Outside is hard for her. I don't think she's been outside much and she's cowered by most things outside--cars, mowers, people, other dogs. But she goes and gets a little better on walks each day. We haven't thought of taking her to walk the Canal down at the bottom of the hill yet. Not ready for that.

She needs a follow-up shot for lime disease in a week or so, which will only be the second time we've put her in a car. The first was to bring her home.

Every once in a while she seems excited and happy--usually around meal times and when we walk in to where she is.

But there is much to do yet--for us and for her.

Ten sleeps hasn't been enough. But we're patient and love her so.

Hopefully soon I'll be able to attest that she trusts and loves us.

Just not after only ten sleeps.

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