Thursday, October 18, 2018


Our two year old granddaughter, Eleanor Reed McCarthy, has been with us over 24 hours now.

She and Tim, her dad, spent the night last night and Tim left for Providence and then Boston on business. Mimi, her mother and our daughter, is in LA on business. So we have Eleanor.

Tim will be back tomorrow afternoon and hopefully they'll spend another night to miss the Friday traffic to Brooklyn.

She is amazing. Hasn't cried once. Full of energy and joy--inside the house and out in the yard. She's won over our dog, Brigit, and is making Bern's life so wondrous I can't describe it.

Bern is putting her to sleep now and will sleep with her in a spare bedroom while Brigit and I share our bed.

But let me tell you this--there is a reason you have children early in life!

I am worn out and ready for bed and it's only 8:30 p.m.!

People 68 and 71 couldn't do this full time--believe you me....

But she is a gift to us. Truly.

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