Wednesday, October 10, 2018

lazy day

I slept until 9:57 a.m. and only got up then so I couldn't be accused of sleeping until 10.

Had breakfast at 10:30 or so--turkey sausage, blueberry waffle and a double yoked egg. Double yokes are amazing!

Read until 1 p.m. then had an apple.

Two really nice guys delivered our new range. It cost less than the repair on the old range would have been.

Read some more.

Went to the store for sock-eye salmon--the only salmon Bern will eat.

Oh, right. Got gas too. Came home from a meeting last night with my gas light on.

Read some more--a book by Robert Galbraith (pen name for Harry Potter author J.K. Rollins. Third of a 4 book series so far. I read the first two this week and have the fourth for tomorrow.

Long books--good for lazy days.

Grilled onions and green squash and the salmon and made a salad.

Read while stuff was grilling.

Drank some wine along the way.

Watched the news for a while--CNN and MSNBC of course. Worried about folks in Florida and Georgia as the storm roared on.

Played hearts on-line.

Then wrote this.

All in all, a pretty lazy day.

I like 'em....

Try it sometime. Bet you'll like 'em too.

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