Friday, October 5, 2018

The two worse things he's ever said

Hard to imagine, giving how many horrible things the President who will not be named has said, that he said the two worst things ever within a day.

First of all, in a rally in Mississippi, he made fun of Dr. Christine Blassey Ford and got laughter and applause.

The other was when he was about to get on the helicopter and told reporters, and I quote: "It's a very scary time for young men in America."

It is unforgivable to mock a victim of sexual abuse whose predator, I believe, will be named to the highest count in the land tomorrow. Whatever you think about whether the accusations are true or not, to make fun of a woman who altered her life to testify about what she remembers is just short of Satanic.

And to the second statement by President WWNBN-ed is beyond belief.

Thank God, I say, that these are scary times for 'young men' in America. Every time, before now, have been scary times for 'young women'. Turn about is more than fair play--it is right and good and just and noble.

Young men, I hope, are scared. Scared enough to respect the women around them in a new and better way. I pray that is true.

Fear is a good thing to motivate behavior.

One of the worst things he's said and I hope young men hear it and heed it. I truly do.

Scared young men will make life better for young women. Hopefully....

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