Monday, October 8, 2018

untitled post

I had this great idea about what to write about on my blog last night.

It was a wonderful idea, one of the best I've ever had. Seriously, this was an idea that would have gotten me 3000 views and become a topic on social media.

It was such a miraculous idea that since it was past 11 p.m. I knew I would remember today and write it now.

I almost wrote it last night and even opened my blog page but really needed to go to bed and since this once in a lifetime IDEA--that's how I thought of it, all caps, IDEA--would surely stay with me overnight, I turned off my computer and went to bed.

Then today, when I opened my blog, gratified that I had 258 visits yesterday, I saw a 'draft' showing at the top of the posts. It said "untitled post".

Then and only then did I remember I had had the IDEA of a lifetime about a post last night and went to bed knowing such an IDEA would survive my sleep.

So, I stared at the screen for several minutes and realized the IDEA I had was gone from my brain and that I had missed writing 'the best post ever' because it was late and I thought I couldn't possibly forget such an IDEA!!!

But I did.

And now I will never write it and you will never read it and our lives will not be changed unalterably and forever by the brilliance and wonder of that IDEA because I went to bed instead.

Alas and alack!

So, this is, now and forever, the 'untitled post'.

I apologize for giving in to exhaustion instead of brilliance. My fault, my own fault, my most grievous fault.

So, life goes on unenlightened by my IDEA which has fled my brain.

So it goes. Alas and alack.

All could have been altered for the better. But will not be....

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