Sunday, October 28, 2018


On Public Radio's "Ted Talks" today, I heard the best definition of 'laughter' ever.

The show featured stand-up comics and the last one, whose name I missed, suffers from depression. He admitted that as a teen he sat up all night one night with a piece of paper, a pen and a bottle of pills wanting to write the suicide note and take the pills.

But he didn't.

He calls himself a 'survivor' and urges others with depression to survive.

He said that comedy was what saved him. He became addicted to watching comedy and it made him want to live.

He defined 'laughter' as "the tangible expression of hope".

What a great definition. Really.

I watch a lot of night-time comedy on Youtube. Most of the jokes are at the expense of the current Presidential administration.

Given laughter as the tangible expression of hope, that all makes sense.

In this depressing time, laughter can remind up that hope is still alive.

Like on the first Tuesday of this November,.

Vote, beloved.

Vote for Hope.

Maybe Wednesday morning we can have a good laugh.

I pray it will be so.

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