Saturday, October 20, 2018

Robert Galbrailth

Robert Galbraith is the pen name for J. K. Rolling of Harry Potter renown.

She wrote the first of four novels about the war hero, amputee, detective Comoran Strike and his side-kick, secretary, eventual partner Robin. She is at least as interesting as Strike and he is interesting beyond belief.

I read all four of the books last week--and they are, like the Harry Potter books--doorstop size.

She wrote the first one and it was a best seller so she decided she could let it be known that Robert was her alter--ego.

They are complex, moving and riveting. I never figured out any of the endings before they happened to my delight.

Start with the first one--The Cookco's Calling--and read them all,  in order, since Strike and Robin develop and their lives change in each novel.

It's probably accurate to say I've read all the Harry Potter stuff and now all these Strike novels.

This woman is more prolific than anyone I've ever read.

Trust me: read them and you'll thank me.

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