Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Far from over, if ever....

The President said today that these were 'bad days for young boys'.

All the days before these days have been 'bad days for young girls'...

Turn about is not only fair play--it's how it has to be.

The President also said there could be 'bad reports' about everybody.

That's simply not true and grossly misleading.

Most men I know never did anything that could be called 'sexual assault'.

I do agree that most men I know drank irresponsibly at some time or another. I myself did not drink until after high school when I went to New Orleans to be with my cousin Mejol and she took me to famous clubs and got me drunk enough to realize how dangerous drinking too much could be. Bless her, what a gift.

I still love white wine and drink on holidays until I'm just smiling and nodding.

But I've never hurt anyone while drinking.

In fact, I get even gentler than I already am after some wine.

But all this is far from over, no matter whether or not Judge Kavenough is on the Supreme Court or not.

November is coming. Let's see how worse the 'bad days for boys' can get.

And 2020 is looming.

This whole scenario is far, far from over.

Lean back and take a deep breath. Better times are coming and coming and coming....

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