Tuesday, October 16, 2018


I just noticed an article on my news feed that the 'bagel emoji' has been fixed by Apple to be 'more doughy and have 'cream cheese'.

And people on line are happy about that. The emoji is new and improved. The on line community is delighted. Apple is delighted. Obviously, God Almighty must be delighted too.

OK, let me be honest. I have no idea what Emojis are.

Let me be clearer--I know the word and I've seen 'emoji' images--sure--but I never want to send one and never ever want to receive one, whatever the hell they are.

Do not, under threat of bodily harm send me an emoji though I have no idea what kind of communications you could send me one.

And I don't even, not for a moment, want to know 'how' you could send me an emoji.

And definitely not a bagel with cream cheese emoji.

And I have no interest if the 'bagel emoji' has cream cheese or not.

In fact, I may never eat a bagel again because it's been associated with whatever in God's green earth 'emojis' are.

And, from this day forward I will never type e m o j and i in a row.

I can't think of a word when I would have to--and if I do think of one I will never type it or say it or even think it.

That's me and ....those things that I neither understand or want to and which should be consigned, whatever they are, to the inner-most ring of Dante's hell.

Enough said about all that.

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