Sunday, October 21, 2018

What next?

So, He Who Will Not Be Named has pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord, NAFTA, and started a trade war is now taking the US out of a nuclear treaty.Plus the nonsense about the needy folks moving toward our boarder who are in need of protection and welcome.

An arms race on top of a planet in need of great and industrious work and a trade war that will end in economic problems for mostly consumers but producers as well.

Is nothing sacred? Well, of course not--a man who is obviously a racist, womanizer and Islam phobic--holds nothing sacred except himself.

Things are literally melting around us--not just the polar ice caps, but civility and democracy and hope and the incremental advances we've made as a country over the last few decades.

Not to mention Saudi Arabia and the dead journalist and all the weapons we sell them to attack Yemen. And millions with pre-existing conditions that could lose health care.

If there isn't a "blue wave" in November, I may be start looking for property in Montreal.

I have never been so confused and alarmed about where my country is as now.

I just want some sanity and some reasonableness. I just want us to listen to the scientists and academics and people who actually 'know something'.

Which makes me a left-wing 'mob member', I guess.

So be it.


All I want is that.


Is that too much to ask?

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