Tuesday, November 26, 2019



Since you've had your recent cold,
I've been thinking again about
something I think about entirely too much
(and shouldn't ever reveal to others,
not even in passing.)

It is astonishing and thought provoking
to me how much fluid the human body can produce.

Bags of skin full of mucus, blood, bodily fluids and bone.
Sucked out of unconscious patients
Sneezed onto the steering wheel
Coughed up like little guppies
Hard little creatures blown out of my nose
Draining through a plastic tube from a surgical wound
Marcus Aurelius' "a bag of bones and foul smell"
Oozing from around scabs
Running from the eyes and hardening up like plaster overnight
Gushes and gushes from a fleet enema
The breaking of the waters of the womb
And the cheesy stuff that covers newborns--
Never mind the placenta itself, a veritable freezer bag of gunk
Vaginal discharges the puss from venereal  diseases
The gook, inexplicably, in your ears. Where does that come from?
The body is a mucus making machne.
Like flows of syrup from a maple tree.


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