Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Shut up Hillary and go away Michael

Hillary Clinton (one Democrat Trump could beat) told folks in the U.K. that "many, many people were urging her to run for President" in 2020.

Shut up, Hillary.

Michael Bloomberg is moving closer to entering the race.

Go away, Michael.

Some of the people who I deeply respect in my Tuesday morning group think Elizabeth Warren can't win. That confounds me.

What I think we need is a shift to the left.

Warren would destroy Trump in the debates before the election.

If he shadowed her like he did Hillary, she would turn on him and say, "get the hell away from me."

If he called her 'Pocahontas', she would call him 'Donald J. Putin'.

She would give no space to him and would make him look as incompetent and stupid as he really is.

I'm shifting gears: I'll vote for any Democrat nominated, but I'm leaning toward a Warren/Mayor Pete ticket now. A woman and a gay man--what could be better to show what we need in America today, right now!!!

Best thing I could imagine.

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