Thursday, November 21, 2019

OK, I've been neglecting my blog

I don't usually go three days without a post, unless I'm away (I only do this from my desk-top computer).

This impeachment stuff has me riveted all day and on line for more info (and late night shows' reaction on you tube.

Sorry, my bad.

I'm not sure the impeachment testimony has changed any one's mind--certainly not the GOP members of the committee--but it has reinforced every one's already/always listening about the President.

("Already/always listening" is a distinction from the Making a Difference workshop I help lead. What we say in the workshop is that 'listening' is not something we 'do', it is something we 'are'. We are 'listenings' that are already there and always there.

I am a 'listening' that the President (who will not be named in this blog) is a liar, a con-man and an embarrassment to our nation. So all that has happened in the hearings has reinforced that 'listening'. Some are a listening that he's what's best for our country and is making it great again and nothing can dislodge that listening.

So, here we are, ultimately divided and getting more so.

We need to notice the 'listenings' we are are so we can hear around them. Hear the truths. Hear what is real.

But that's not going to happen, I don't think.

We're in a mess.

Dr. Hill said today she told the EU ambassador that all this stuff in Ukraine was going to 'blow up'.
Then she said, "and here we are".

So true.

It has blown up in our collective faces, no matter what side we're on, and nobody knows what happens after the explosion.

We have to sift through the pieces and figure out--together or separately--what happens next.

I pray it will be 'together'.

But I highly doubt that it will be.

Prayer may be the best we can do--and trying to 'hear' around our 'listenings'.

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