Saturday, November 16, 2019

Went to West Park

It's 89.6 miles from where I live to where I went in West Park, NY.

I drove both ways in about an hour and 38 minutes.

I drive too fast.

Went to meet with folks who have done the Making a Difference workshop for a 'graduate day'.

It was great, but I'm tired from driving over 3 hours and talking for over 5 hours.

I'm going to bed though it's not yet 10 p.m.

But I have to be in Higganum by 9 a.m. to do a baptism. That's 34 miles each way.

My knees do not take well to driving.

I walk like I'm drunk when I get out of the car after more than ten miles.

Alas, I need some sleep.

Wish I could sleep until we have a new president--but I have to vote.

Be well and stay well.

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