Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Setting the record straight--avoiding prosecution

Ambassador Gordon Sunderland (to the EU) returned to Capitol Hill to amend his previous testimony to attempt to free himself from charges of lying to Congress.

Suddenly Sunderland had remembered thing he had neglected to tell the House before. He used the term "I now recall" eight times and revealed that he WAS aware of the withholding of Ukrainian aid until they investigated Joe Biden's son.

Sunderland is not a career diplomat. He was a major contributor to the President's campaign and his position was seen as 'pay back' for his support. Until now all witnesses against the President had been career diplomats and the army Lt. Col. who heard the call revealed by the whistle blower. The President's inner circle has come forward now to say unfavorable things about his behavior.

Maybe things are cracking in the right places.

In addition, the testimony of former Ukrainian Ambassador Marie Yovonovitch showed that Sunderland had advised her while she was under attack by Rudy Giuliani, "go big or go home". He suggested she publicly 'praise' the President or pack up.

She then said to aides, "get me some boxes". (I made that up but she refused to praise the President and was removed from her office.

Most Republicans are saying all this 'doesn't matter', but as more and more comes out, will some of them be honorable people and change their tunes.

We shall see, beloved.

Which is more important to the Republicans--'doing the right thing' or mindlessly supporting the President.

I look forward to knowing which is true.

(We voted today in Cheshire. Yellow Dog Democrat that I am, I voted straight Democrat. I wish there were still a box to do that with one stroke. Also, I voted yes on all the expenditures except one to 'buy land' for the town. We don't need any more development, Cheshire is fine as it is.)

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