Saturday, November 3, 2018

Holy Moley

West Virginia University beat Texas in Austin today 42-41.

WVU scored the last touchdown on a 33 yard pass with 16 seconds to go to make the score 41-40 Texas.

Away from home (far away from home in Texas) West Virginia went for a 2 point extra point and got it on a pass from Will Greer to David Sills.

But Texas had called a time out before the pass.

So, after the time out, WVU went for 2 again and Greer ran it in.

Texas somehow got two plays after the kickoff but couldn't score.


The Mounties are 7-1 with three games left. (Their game with NC State was cancelled by the hurricane.)

Texas Tech at home, Oklahoma State away and Oklahoma at home.

I'm such a fan I don't know if I can live through 3 more games.


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