Monday, November 26, 2018

The most important 8 words in American life


There they are, in all their infamy and glory. What comes next are these words, "that all men (sic) are created equal and have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness".

Well, the Declaration of Independence has needed a lot of tweaking  since 1776--the whole nasty slavery thing, women's rights, inclusion of minorities--but we've made a lot of progress even if it took over 250 years!

But more is to be done.

It is part of the 'truth' that is 'self evident' that anyone from another country has the RIGHT to apply for asylum in the United States. That is true and right and law.

And yet, our President is denying that truth and right to those waiting in Mexico.

I would say because they are brown and not white and don't necessarily speak English.

He would say because they are criminals and bad people--without any evidence of that!

And America is based on "evidence" as well--one of those 'truths' we find self evident. That's what law is about. Law. I have a son who is a lawyer and a daughter-in-law who is a judge--let me know and I'll put you in touch with them if you don't believe LAW is a self evident truth of our democracy.

And those frightened, haunted people just want to do what our LAW says is self evident and apply for asylum.

And we shoot tear gas at them.


It appears that people of color and ethnicity were denied the right to vote in the mid-term elections or removed wrongly from the roles.

I vote in Connecticut. I took an envelope addressed to me from our oil company and that was all I needed to vote.

Why these 'picture ID's' and signatures matching? I don't sign anything to vote. I never show my picture. Why is it so hard to vote other places.

When the 'rights' of anyone--people who want to ask for asylum or people who want to vote who don't have a picture ID--are violated, all our rights are violated.

Democracy is strong but not beyond defeating.

We must all begin to defend the 'truths' that are 'self evident'.

Bad things are happening.

They must stop.


And soon.....Very soon.....

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