Monday, November 12, 2018

Stay calm and keep counting...

Anyone who knows me knows I am a Democrat--and I don't just mean a political party...I mean I believe with all my  heart and mind in 'democracy', rule of the people, counting every vote.

I don't believe the re-count in Florida is going to change the outcome. The two Republicans will win in the end. But why on earth are Republicans so afraid of every vote being counted? With no evidence and with an argument rejected by an independent oversight group and the state officials themselves, our president and Rick Scott are claiming voter fraud.

After his election, our president, with much fan-fare, assembled a committee to ferret out "voter fraud" across the nation. Several months in, the committee quietly disbanded because there is no evidence whatsoever, in any way, shape or form, that 'voter fraud' is a problem in our democracy.

And in Georgia, counting every vote might not elect Stacy Abrams, but it would trigger a run-off in December if neither candidate gets over 50% and votes yet to be counted for the third-party candidate could bring that about. But Republicans are screaming like banshee's about finishing the count.

In Arizona, had we believed the results last Tuesday, the Senate seat there would be Red. But as the votes that hadn't been counted in places like Phoenix, have put the Democrat in a burgeoning lead.

Stay calm and count all the votes.

That's the only way to run a democracy.


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