Thursday, November 15, 2018

Brigit's first snow

She didn't seem to like it.

I took her out just after 9 p.m. on November 15 into 4 or more inches of snow.

Brigit is from Georgia before she was brought to CT this summer, so she's never been in snow, I'd imagine. But she peed like a champ and ran like a sprinter back to the back porch. Bern toweled her off, she got her treat and now she's upstairs, covered up.

Welcome to New England, Brigit.

Snow can be a pain--but being a 'glass half-full' kind of guy, I much prefer it to hurricanes and wild fires. (Pray, beloved, for the people of California.)

Plus, if you're inside looking out at it, it is beautiful. Being out in a car in it dulls the beauty.

But if the current administrations EPA policies take full effect, Connecticut could be like Georgia in a couple of decades.

Thanksgiving is coming. I'm certainly thankful for Brigit in our lives.

And deeply thankful for Mimi, Tim and Eleanor and Josh and Cathy and Morgan and Emma and Tegan and our friend John, who will all be with us for that wondrously American holiday.

Bern and I are blessed by our son and daughter and their mates and our four granddaughters. Blessed beyond measure.

Two kids who turned out better than we could have ever hoped or dreamed and married so wondrously and gave us such miraculous grand-daughters.

How thankful can you be?

Probably not thankful enough.

And as we count our blessings in this season of giving thanks, all of us must remember all those who suffer and are homeless and driven from their lands by conflict and violence.

Not something the current administration in Washington seems to notice or understand.

But the mid-term elections give me hope--so much diversity, so many women, so much openness to the real issues ahead.

One more thing I'm thankful for.

Though it's a week away--Happy, Happy Thanksgiving to you all.....

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