Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Making America Grim Again

Today's performance by the President I won't name, was the very nadir of a dark and frightening two years.

His continued support of Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince against the evidence of the CIA and the words of some of his most vocal supporters in the past (Sen. Graham called the Crown Prince "beyond toxic") has made America's foreign policy up for 'sale'.

The President greatly inflated the amount of money the Saudi connection is worth in trade (mostly weapons to rain on Yemen!) but said "America First" meant taking dirty money more than defending human rights and avenging the murder of a permanent resident, journalist of the United States.

It is a sad and woeful day--sadder and more woe-filled than the sad and woeful last two years--in the history of America.

Remember, we were not always the 'Shining City on the Hill' of Reagan's vision. We had slavery for hundreds of years only ended by a civil war. We still have deep and divisive divisions over race and nationality and sexuality.

But today's statements by our Leader (and former Leader of the 'free world'--our allies no longer see him that way) plunged us into role we have sought for decades to avoid: "buy us, we're for sale".

It seems this might be a turning point many who have ignored turning points before can't ignor.

I hope so. I pray so.

It is the only way toward the Light and out of the Darkness of this administration.

Hope and pray and ACT with me on this.


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