Thursday, November 8, 2018

Finally over

This long Autumn captivity is finally over.

The final coats of paint were put on our back porch today!

Yesterday they finished the front porch after over two weeks of having it totally sealed off from the world and coverings across our front door and windows.

Our house is totally ours again as soon as the back porch--which is probably already dry--is ours again tomorrow.

It has been a nightmare--only one way in and out for over a month. Workers most clear days.

At first I thought the repair and paint price was a tad high--but more than half of the flooring of each porch was replaced, all the trim on the front was sanded down to bare wood, and everything on both porches had a primer and two coats.

After all the labor expended, the price seems a bargain--and both porches look wonderful!

If you live in Cheshire or near--by and need a contractor, ask me about Paul Bowman.

Once I'm finished telling you, you'll call him....

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