Monday, November 19, 2018

Thanksgiving Dinner

Three days away, but already I'm anticipating it!

Our whole little family will be here--Josh/Cathy/Emma/Morgan/Tegan and Mimi/Tim/Eleanor, plus John Anderson, our dear, long time (48 years). John went to WVU with Bern and I for a couple of years. He's a psychologist for the VA. Also from West Virginia. So 5 of us are Mountaineer born--John, Bern, me, Mimi and Josh.

Both our children are in their 40's but still join us for Thanksgiving. That's something I'm deeply thankful for.. By their ages we had Thanksgiving away from parents.

I make the dressing (apples, raisins, pecans, onions, garlic and broth, plus some turkey juice). I do the hors devours (this year three cheeses, two Italian meats, olives and dates). Bern does most every thing else--this year a sweet potato dish, corn pudding, green beans, mashed potatoes and turkeys with the back bone taken out and flattened. Two small turkeys instead of one big one so we'll have 4 legs for the girls. I wouldn't eat a turkey leg on a bet, but the Bradley girls love them.

Salad and gravy and cranberry sauce too--plus wine and beer and juice.

I love anticipating the meal--even though my anticipation doesn't come near to the event's surprises.

Bern also gives everyone a Thanksgiving present--this year in brown paper bags with their names on them. She got all 4 girls amazing hats that look like animals, hair and beard jell for Tim and I don't know the rest.

I have to get her something this year, just so she won't be left out.

Though Bern never feels 'left out' if every one has something and she doesn't. She's like that.

I stopped typing for a minute or so and took several deep breaths.

I love Thanksgiving so, so much. I just have to savor my anticipation and know the event will far exceed all my expectations....

Happy Thanksgiving to you all, a bit early....

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