Wednesday, August 31, 2016

1970 in review (one event a month)

JANUARY--Mick Jaggar fined 200 pounds for possession of weed.

FEBRUARY--Chicago 7 not guilty of inciting a riot at 1968 Democratic Convention.

MARCH--1st Earth Day proclaimed by Mayor Alioto of San Francisco

APRIL--US invades Cambodia; huge protests at home.

MAY--Kent State Shootings.

JUNE--"Long and Winding Road" is Beatles 20th and last #1 hit single.

JULY--Chet Huntly (NBC anchor) retires from full time broadcasting.

AUGUST--Women's Strike for Equality on Fifth Avenue in New York City.

SEPTEMBER--Bernadine Pisano and Jim Bradley are married at our Lady of Victory RC church in Gary, West Virginia.

OCTOBER--Garry Trudeau's Donnesbury debuts in 2 dozen newspapers.

NOVEMBER--Hafa al-Assad comes to power in Syria through a military coup.

DECEMBER--The north tower of the World Trade Center is completed--at 1368 feet, it is the tallest building in the world.

(Thanks to Wikipedia for  everything besides September. It was a year 'that was' in many ways.)

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