Friday, August 26, 2016

I'll never drive to NYC again

We went down to be with Mimi and Ellie on Thursday. It was Tim's first day of work after 3 weeks of paternity leave. He called and texted about ever hour, asking for a new photo.

Tim is seriously smitten with his baby girl, it's safe to say!

She is so sweet and good. Mimi nurses her on demand as the doctors want. And she holds her and nuzzles her, but mostly Ellie sits in her seat and either dozes or looks around. She didn't cry the entire time we were there! Amazing. Both our children cried 13 hours a day for months!

She was especially interested in her grandmother, watching her intently and making faces at her.

Mimi had on a pair of pre-pregnancy skinny jeans on Ellie's 3 week birthday--it's no understatement that mother and daughter are doing well....

It took 4 1/2 hours to get home (90 miles) and I was late for a wedding rehearsal. Going down took a little over 2 hours and 20 minutes finding a parking place in Brooklyn. I finally parked in a building 3 blocks from their apartment. Only costed me $38 for 3 hours. That would buy a train ticket.

Which is what we'll do next time and every time after that. What a nightmare the drive back was. There was a sign on the Merrit Parkway that said "Route 8--12 miles 49 minutes", which was true. The GPS told us I-95 was even worse.

Ah, living in the Northeast, what a joy....

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