Monday, August 29, 2016

Ready to have it over....

My favorite two months of the year are September and October. I adore autumn--the cooling breezes, our September trip to Oak Island, North Carolina, the riot of leaf color, the mid-day warmth and evening chill. It's everything I love.

So, it is not without great regret that I would wish away those two months this year just to get the election over!

My candidate is not the one I would wish for, but I don't have to hold my nose to vote for her. Hillary has more experience, perhaps, than anyone to ever run for President. And the 'Hillary Hatred' is simply silly and a waste of time.

The other guy is a nightmare. And may just divide the country in a deeper way than the Obama years has divided it. Ugly stuff is around the edges of Donald's campaign--white nationalism, the Alt-Right, fear of the 'other', no matter how they aren't white or Christian....Ugly stuff.

I just want it over and even at my advanced age, I'd give up my two favorite months if (as the pollsters always say) 'the election were today'.....

God save us from the next 70 some days!!!!

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