Monday, August 22, 2016

Something Bela won't eat...and First Cousins....

Our dog, Bela, loves most everything you can eat. We fix him people food--ground beef and turkey with sweet potatoes and greens and rice to mix with his dog food. He loves bananas and apples and bread (with probably isn't good for him) and peanut butter and garlic and green beans. Most everything.

But tonight I discovered something he won't eat--mussels. Bern and I were 'on our own' for dinner and I had mussels and pasta and french bread. We do this every other week or so because we do have different tastes. And when Bern isn't here for dinner, I often have lamb chops. She can't even be in the room when I eat lamb chops or veal. But when she's gone, I do.

I offered him 4 shell pastas and some mussel juice tonight. He took a lick then ran into our bedroom to drink from his water bowl there. When he came back he looked at me like I'd tried to poison him!

Mussels then, is something Bela won't eat. He loves all kinds of pasta, no matter what the sauce, but not pasta with Mussels.


(rather than another post, I thought I'd just put this here)

Josh and Mimi don't have any first cousins. I'm an only child and neither of Bern's siblings had children so our children had no first cousins.

I had 22--15 on my mother's side and 7 on my father's side--only one of them, Denise, who my Uncle Harvey and Aunt Elise adopted when I was 14 and she was 7--younger than me. So, 21 older first cousins.

I'd have to think more than I'm willing to at this hour to remember how many first cousins Bern has. Less than a dozen I think and many of them near her age.

Josh has made a hobby of collecting 2nd and 3rd cousins--mostly from Bern's family since they are nearer him in age. Mimi hasn't seemed to miss cousins.

I just realized tonight that my 4 granddaughters now have first cousins! Ellie is Morgan, Emma and Tegan's first cousin and they are hers....and Josh's 3 have first cousins from Cathy's brothers' kids.

I was delighted to realize that.

My first cousins meant the world to me growing up. I hope Morgan, Emma and Tegan mean the world to Ellie....And she to them.

First Cousins are something marvelous.....

The best thing about them is, unlike siblings, you don't have to live with them!!!

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