Monday, August 8, 2016

Waiting still...

Mimi is 4 days past her due date. Ellie is still unborn.

Mimi is doing great. She really had an almost uneventful 9 months--no morning sickness, only gained 19 pounds, no swelling feet. Remarkable if you think about it, for a 38 year old woman.

But she is ready...and so are we!

She's doing acupuncture to induce labor. (Her doctor, who she adores, another good thing, said she didn't think acupuncture would work but if it made Mimi feel better to go ahead....)

Bern was sure it would be today.

Only 3 hours left for that to happen.

I have no idea.

Both our children were late, late and C sections. Mimi isn't near that yet. Her doctor says another week, which might mean Ellie would be born on her uncle Josh's birthday (8/14)!

That would be odd, huh?

I used to have a poster of a rocking chair and the words, "sometimes I sits and thinks...and sometimes I just sits...."

Sometimes you just wait....

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