Friday, August 26, 2016

Something to spend some time on....

I was looking for the information about our dog, Bela, because Bern and I disagree about how old he is. I know we have something from the breeder but haven't found it yet.

What I did found, in a squat file cabinet in my office, one that has a door to a space and the file part has to be opened from above.

What I found was about two feet of pages I've written over the years. Some of it is stuff I remember, but most of it is stuff I don't remember at all, some of it on paper with those two little side strips with holes for the printer that you can easily tear off. I haven't had a printer like that for a quarter of a century or so.

So, I have something to spend some time on--going through all that to remind myself of who I was when I wrote it.

Like an exploration of my past lives!

Sounds like fun.

I'll let you know what I find....

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