Monday, August 22, 2016

I don't tweet

I don't 'tweet', never will. First of all I just don't 'get it'--what it's about, how you see them, basic stuff like that.

Second, I don't know the last time I limited what I had to say about something to 144 characters--is that even the number? 12 x 12? How'd they come up with that?

But say I did tweet and I was running for President of the United States--arguably the most powerful and important job in the world--I wouldn't be tweeting at just after 7 a.m. on a Monday about how I couldn't watch Morning Joe and how Joe and Minka are stupid and how I would tell their whole story one day.

Morning Joe, MSNBC's  morning show with former Republican Congressman, Joe Scarborough and Minka (can't spell her last name--her dad was secretary of state once and I couldn't spell his name) as the co-hosts. And they have gotten pretty nasty about Trump lately--Joe called for the Republican Party to 'remove him' (without details on 'how'--which seemed appropriate since he was talking about a man who doesn't have 'any' details about HOW anything).

Donald used to call in most days during the primaries. He 'used' Morning Joe shamelessly for free media coverage and now he's turned on them, viciously. On Twitter....

The Middle East, North Korea, Climate Change, Racial Relations, Infrastructure, Taxes, Health Care, Terrorism, Immigration Reform, NATO, Zika, wage inequality, Opeoid abuse, Crime, Police violence, Social Security, Education....those and about a hundred other things I would gladly hear about and evaluate from a candidate for President of my country.

Even in 144 characters!!!

Nastiness about a talk show duo on a minor network (my favorite, by the way, no surprise there!) is not something I think someone asking to be elected President should be lowering themselves to in any, any circumstance.

Jesus, November 8 can't come soon enough to rid us of all this!!!!

("I'M WITH HER>", if you hadn't figured that out....)

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