Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Just when....

I haven't mentioned politics recently since it's all crazier than I could portray it--but today, just when I didn't think it could get more interesting, it did.

Trump expanded his campaign staff to include, I kid you not Kellyann Conway and Stephan Bannon. A bit about them.

I've seen Kellyann interviewed two dozen times. I've yet to hear her answer the question she was asked.

Stephan Bannon is the head of "Breitbart News"--just go look at it. He has been called 'the most dangerous political operative alive' by a conservative!

So, I think Trump has decided, 'what the hell? why try to pivot and be reasonable? let's bring in two people who will not only let me be 'me' but will applaud me being me!'

Things might get even better now. He might actually shoot someone on 5th Avenue to see what happens to his poll numbers....

Buckle up, beloved, the ride is getting rougher....

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