Friday, August 5, 2016

OK, OK...

So, I got some comments on yesterday's post wondering why I didn't get comments and several emails telling me that they found it difficult, for various reasons, to comment on my blog.

OK, I get it.

One wonderful email said they saw my blog like a collection of short stories. You read one and think about it and later read another.

So, no one much writes to short story writers. Short stories aren't a conversation. Maybe my blog isn't either.

OK, I get it.

And that's fine.

I won't worry myself about it any more.

And I appreciate anything that makes me not worry myself about something.

I don't like to 'worry myself'.

So, I'm pleased with the whole thing. Thank you guys.

I'll keep writing and not ponder the lack of comments.

How's that?

And I might have some things to say about Donald Trump, if you don't mind....

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