Monday, August 1, 2016

Waiting for Ellie

My fourth granddaughter isn't born yet. She's due on Thursday but Mimi's doctor said, 'probably not' and gave her until August 12th.

It's eerie, waiting for a grandchild.

Waiting for a letter, a return email, a package, a birthday, a holiday--all that is different.

Letters and packages depend on who brings them, a return email depends on who you sent your email to, birthdays and Holidays come when the come and can be depended on.

But Ellie's arrival isn't like any of that.

She will come when she comes.

And I can't wait.

My 'baby' is having a baby.

How sweet is that.

I'll just wait.

Not much else available to do.

I'll be here, Ellie, when you show up....

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