Sunday, August 28, 2016

weird dreams

I was in Jungian analysis for 8 years or so. My analyst always wanted a dream. If I didn't have a dream I remembered that week, he had a sand box with a whole wall of shelving of figures and creatures and little models. I'd play in the sandbox for 15 minutes or so, then Victor would take a Polaroid photo of it and we'd talk about what I'd created in the sandbox.

Jung was only interested in the un-conscious--dreams and play.

So, I pay attention to dreams, even all these years later.

Jung thought you only dreamed in order to help yourself deal with some issues not in your consciousness. Stuff below the surface wanting to be made right out in the 'real world'.

I had some weird dreams last night. They had to do with 'losing things' and 'not being able to move'. I lost our dog Bela and couldn't find Bern to tell her. And then when I was trying to find her, walking up some steps of a University or something, it was like walking through amber, unable to really move.

I've had 'losing things' and 'not being able to move' dreams before. They are always important and vital and full of revelation--it's just not obvious what all that is because it is a call, an invitation from the unconscious life I live without knowing I'm living it!

So, I've got some stuff to ponder (the dreams were much longer and vivid than I described!) And I know it will be like wrestling with your Angel, like struggling with the unknown, daunting and so, so important.

I'll let you know what comes out of being Jungian about these weird dreams....

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