Sunday, March 25, 2018

Beyond all believing...

The single most outrageous, stupid, wrong-minded, insulting, insensitive, (did I say stupid already?), embarrassing, backward, wrong-assed thing anyone said or could have said about the protest on Saturday against gun violence against students.

"How about kids, instead of looking to someone else to solve their problems, do something about maybe taking CPR classes or trying to deal with situations where is a violent shooter."
                                         --RICK SANTORUM

Just to begin with--isn't it the role of adults to 'solve' the problems of kids?

And shouldn't we try to do that?

And there is still a constitution and a role of adults, don't the kids have a God given right to ask us to keep them safe?

And why should they have to deal with more school shootings--with Santorum implies they will?

What the hell is not wrong and crazy about what he said on TV?

And I quoted him accurately.

Holy S***, how nuts is he???????

(I have never put that may question marks after a question before.)

Rick, get a therapist--you are really out of touch with reality....

Beyond all believing, that was....


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