Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Snow and The Snows of Kilimanjaro

I read a great article in The Washington Post today comparing the Stormy Daniels drama to the death of Harry in Hemingway's The Snows of Kilimanjaro. In the book Harry, after climbing the great mountain and risking his life, gets a scratch on his arm that turns to gangrene. The truck breaks down and the rescue plane is late and Harry dies, dreaming of the mountain.

It wasn't the mountain that killed him, it was a scratch and the failure of vehicles.

Snow is coming tomorrow, they tell me. Another March storm. There seems to have been one a week in New England this month.

And Richard Cohen, the author of that article contends it will be Stormy Daniels--a minor scratch on Donald Trump's arm--that will bring him down, not the Mountain of Mueller's investigation.

I also saw today a political cartoon by Sheneman of the Tribune Group that showed Trump in his extra long red tie, with Stormy on his arm, saying to a man with a tied with a cross on it: "Look the other way and I'll keep shilling for your version of Jesus who doesn't like poor people and immigrants."

The grinning man has "Evangelicals" written on him and replies, "Amen, Brother."

I grew up in the Evangelical Church--first the Pilgrim Holiness Church and then Mountain Methodist that was more like Baptist that what we think of today as Methodism.

I am embarrassed for Evangelicals everywhere that they, in spite of three wives and innumerable accusations of affairs and sexual abuse, continue to think Trump is 'their guy'.

No Evangelical Christian worth his or her Jesus could defend this man based on his moral (or immoral) behavior.

Though I am far from the Evangelicals in their theology, I have, until now, admired their belief and their stands, even when I did not agree with them.

But if a ultra-liberal, non-creedal Christian like me cannot condone the man's behavior, how can Conservative, Bible-believing Christians condone it?

I hope and pray to a God Evangelicals would not recognize as theirs, that these betrayed women will be the scratch that brings down Harry (Donald) and makes him dream of the mountain he did not deserve to climb before he is on the ash heap of history.

That's what I pray. I also pray Evangelicals (who I used to respect) will wake up and see the error of their ways.

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