Monday, March 12, 2018

Proud to be a Mountaineer

West Virginia University is in the NCAA men's tourney. The women's team didn't make it this year, but they look strong for next year.

Proud to be from West Virginia!

But sports is nothing compared to teachers.

The nine day teachers strike shut down all the schools in the 55 counties. And, after much bull-s*** in the WV Senate--they got what they wanted....

I heard someone from WV say on radio yesterday, "think about the people who were role models for you, who changed your many of them were politicians? how many of them were teachers?"

Every teacher I ever had in those lush mountains of West Virginia touched my life in profound ways. And that goes for college and six years of post graduate study. I have a B.A., a M.T.S, a M.Div., and a Doctor of Ministry. I spent 22 years of my life in school. Besides my parents and close relatives and my wife, most of the people who truly touched me were people who taught me in those 22 years.

I've often said that the three professions who should be highest paid are Day Care Providers, Garbage Collectors and Aids in Nursing Homes. Those who care for our children and our elderly and pick up the trash of our lives need to be honored and compensated greatly.

I'll add a fourth group--anyone who teaches at any level.

Teachers have made me 'who I am" and I like who they've made me.

Ponder it in your own lives.

Remember for a spell those teachers who formed you, encouraged you, inspired you.

And thank God for the teachers of my home state who took to the streets to get a little more of what they deserve for what they do.

God bless them.

They make me proud to be a Mountaineer.

Now, if they all go vote for Democrats I'll really be happy....

They didn't do that last time around....

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