Monday, March 19, 2018

I'll try, I really will

I'll try to stop writing about nothing but Bela. I really will but I don't know when....

Bern was out for a couple of hours this morning and I realized after an hour or so that I was totally alone in the house.

It's been since 2004 that when Bern is out I was totally alone--no black, hairy dog to keep me company.

Dog people know that one of the reasons to have a dog is the companionship.

But you don't truly realize that until your companion isn't there anymore.

13 plus years of habit is hard to break. Just today I heard our kitchen clock announce the hour (which it does by barking) and said to myself, "3 o'clock, time to feed the Puli". I almost stood up before I remembered that he is dead now.

Four or five times today I've felt an emptiness so profound that I almost sobbed. (OK, twice I DID sob).

I miss him so.

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