Saturday, March 3, 2018

Brooklyn 'high'

Mimi, Tim and Eleanor moved on March 1. They are now in a high rise in Brooklyn on the 13th floor in a building with an elevator and a doorman instead of a 4th floor walk up. We'd seen pictures of the new apartment but a while ago Mimi did face time with us and showed us around. Glass walls look out on incredible views of the city. From Eleanor's room you can see Manhattan!

It is an outrageous place to live. Mimi said she felt like she was in a hotel.

Well, why not?

Two successful Gen-xer's should live in a hotel.

Our son and his family (wife Cathy Chen and girls Morgan, Emma and Tegan) live in a house in the Mount Washington neighborhood of Baltimore with 10 rooms and a basement they're going to turn into an in-law apartment for when we visit.

What shocks me, as a Baby Boomer, is that our kids turned out more successful in many ways than we ever did.

They broke the mold and made good on their dreams.

I couldn't be happier for them. They deserve all they've achieved. They've worked hard to get there.

Two incredible children. Two wondrous spouses for them and four perfect granddaughters.

How could I have ever imagined this.

Blessed, truly blessed in the best neighborhood in Baltimore and up high in Brooklyn....

Thank you, God, for such a gift.

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