Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Out of power

Missed church in Killingworth on Sunday because the power was out. Lots of people in the Northeast have lost power in the last couple of weeks.

We haven't in Cheshire in spite of the two hemlock trees down beside our back porch. Got to get a tree person soon to clear them out.

When we first came to Cheshire the power would go out in our house from a gentle breeze! They redesigned the grid (is that the word?) and we almost always keep power these days.

The last time we lost power was over five years ago when we drove to Baltimore in an unlikely October storm. I called my friend Fred Jenks and he went to our house and rescued our birds. We had birds then, up in a cage beside the radio, above Bela's bowl.

Luke the cat was still alive but it wasn't zero weather and the next door neighbors were feeding him and we knew he'd survive.

I don't think I ever adequately thanked Fred for saving Rainy and Ella from sure death.

When we came home power and heat was on again and I went to  Fred's to get the birds.

Thank you so, so much, Fred. We had their songs for a few more years because of you....

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